Lean on Your Community

In my last blog post I talked about easy ways we can make a shift to healthier living. One of those ways is to try a new recipe each week. Now I know it may seem silly but honing your kitchen skills will make your relationship with food different. 

I remember what it was like before I gave myself the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. The healthiest meal I could make was a stir fry and I never cared to venture outside of that type of cooking. I had a pretty heavy dependency on take-out and my health took a hit because of it. 

Once I discovered blogs like Oh She Glows and My New Roots I felt inspired to try my hand at some new dishes. After I tried a few and realized how delicious they were I felt comfortable to start creating my own plant-based dishes. This is when my relationship with food started to change. I was no longer thinking about food just as a form of sustenance but I started to see food as a creative outlet. My passion for food and what it could do for us grew from there. 

Many chefs believe that when we are making food out of a place of love and passion, that love and passion gets passed on to the people who enjoy our food. It’s no wonder that ancient communities came together over feasts and held important discussions around food.

Food is our sustenance but it is also what connects us.  

In the theme of connection and community, I am happy to share an amazing community initiative that is being put on by chefs and foodies in Vancouver. It is called The Vancity Virtual Potluck. Today, chefs around Vancouver are sharing their favorite recipes so you can start experimenting in the kitchen. Take some time and see all the amazing recipes here

I am so happy to have a community of passionate, creative, foodies that are open to sharing their recipes so we can all experiment and change our relationship with food. 

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