Will my health insurance cover the cost of your services? 

Most extended health plans cover CNP visits. You can call your provider and ask if it is not clearly stated on your benefits form. My CNPCC Certification # is CT2280

Do you provide direct billing? 

I do not currently offer direct billing. You will receive an invoice upon payment that you will forward to your insurance provider to receive reimbursement.

I live far away from you. Will our sessions be the same quality compared to if I was in your clinic?  

Yes, the quality of our sessions will be the same. Even for some of my local clients, they prefer to have our sessions over the phone or online. The beauty of today’s technology is that I can review your symptoms and reports online in real-time, same as if you were in my office.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer payment plans. We will typically discuss this in our first (free) call, when we determine the best package to suit your needs. 

I am currently working with my family doctor on a complex health issue. Will you be able to corespond with them directly? 

Depending on your family doctor we may be able to corespond directly, however most times this is not possible due to time constraints for the doctor. I will provide a detailed protocol (health plan) for you that can be brought to your next doctors visit to ensure we are on the same page. 

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